Whenever we hear the phrase, "To infinity and beyond," we automatically think of Buzz Lightyear, that brave little action figure from the 'Toy Story' movies with the heart of gold. Now, thanks to the creativity of 3D artist Raoni Nery from Brazil, we have something a little bit more realistic to look up to.

Raoni Nery, via Geek Tyrant

"This is my version of Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear," said Nery. "I didn't [try] to make a caricature of him. My intention was to make a parody with the [video game] Blizzard’s Starcraft Mariners. I found many similarities with the concept of the bishops and Buzz."

While he may not be the Buzz Pixar had in mind, he's still pretty heroic. (See more of Nery's work here.)