We don't know who exactly invented the meat upon meat goodness that is the bacon burger. We do know, however, that Southern California chain Slater 50/50 is the first high-profile burger joint to take responsibility for a burger that has a 100 percent ground bacon patty. Whether that makes them heroes or villains depends on your thoughts about both bacon and the current national obesity epidemic.

Slater 50/50 already offered patties that were half bacon and half traditional ground beef. (Hence the name.) So it wasn't that big of a stretch for them to make their July burger of the month all bacon, and name it 'The 'Merican' in honor of Independence Day and good old American gluttony.

The salty sandwich is topped with a thick strip of bacon, “bacon island” dressing and bacon flavored cheddar cheese. There is also a sunny side egg involved because otherwise, it might not be salty or fattening enough.

In the past, Slater 50/50 has offered up other unique burgers of the month, like an Orange Chicken Burger, a Chorizo Burger and Cheese Frito Burger. Most people were able to survive those monstrosities and we suspect most people will survive this one too as long as they drink a very tall glass of water with it. And then run a marathon.