Are Britney and Kevin starring in their own erotic romance novel? Whether you like it or not, the answer could soon be yes. Kevin Federline’s aunt (seriously) has written a novel based on the infamous romance of the pop princess and her back-up dancer that started in 2004.

Even though we all probably got to hear more about the Spears/Federline affair, marriage, child rearing and public divorce than we ever wanted to, Diane Story, Federline’s aunt, decided their relationship would make a good novel.

The book, called ‘Pop Baby Krissy Doucet’ is about a pop star named Krissy Doucet and the love affair she begins with out-of-work dancer Keenan Fazio. According to the book’s jacket, “The moment Krissy set her sights on Keenan, she knew he was amazing.” Of course Krissy must deal with the paparazzi, compete with a woman from Keenan’s past (remember Shar Jackson) and, apparently wrestles with the question, “Would sharing Keenan in Tara’s bed be their only option for love?” (We don’t want to know if that’s taken from reality.)

Just in case the description is not enticing enough, since we already know how the story goes, Story is holding an online contest to boost sales of the book. The winner will walk away with an authentic, and not at all depressing, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline wedding invitation.

So what will this book be called? We're thinking "50 Flavors of Cheez Whiz," off of K-Fed and Britney's food of choice.

[via Radar Online]