As we speak, a debate is raging at 10 Downing Street, England's equivalent to The White House: Should Larry the Cat be allowed to keep his position as "mouse hunter in chief" after failing to catch a pesky critter?

In February, Larry the Cat was brought in to solve the rodent problem at 10 Downing Street. For a while everything was going well for Larry, who British Prime Minister David Cameron adopted from a rescue shelter. The feline's "high chase-drive and hunting instinct" were said to have led to the capture of at least three mice.

However, last week a mouse was spotted at a dinner Cameron was having with some of his ministers, prompting media calls for Larry to be replaced by a more efficient mouser.

So far, Cameron is sticking with his embattled cat. "Larry brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people," said a Cameron spokesman when asked by reporters if Larry should resign.

Whoa, British politics must be pretty brutal, because we can't remember Socks the Cat ever having such problems during his White House reign. You can learn more about Larry below, in a video from happier times.

[via BBC]