When an athlete breaks a world record it isn't rare to see them get a bit excited. It is rare to see them curse the audience with an incoherent victory speech on live television. Pete Weber decided to change all of that during this year's professional bowling US open.

You probably missed it because professional bowling is slightly less popular than the WNBA, but a major achievement was accomplished during this year's US Open. Pete Weber defeated three opponents to capture his 5th US Open, beating a record held by his late father and legendary bowler, Dick Weber and Don Carter.

Sure, Pete could've handled his major victory with a little more grace, but it must be difficult to keep your composure in such a high pressure situation. This would be particularly difficult with a persistent heckler in the crowd.  Still, many athletes from other sports have to deal with crazy hecklers all the time so that hardly seems like a good excuse.

If it had been a sport that had more viewers, a celebration like this could've ended in massive fines and some sort of public apology. But since it's bowling, they let Pete's slightly profane exuberance slide. It's kind of like the old proverb, if a tree shouts obscenities in the woods and no one is there to see it, did it really make a sound?

He did go on to show some substantially less-hilarious piety during an interview when he said,

This is my greatest title ever," he said. "To win five U.S. Opens and pass Dick Weber and Don Carter says a lot, but I'll never say I'm better than them. They paved the way for us to be here. It was an honor and a privilege to join them when I won my fourth U.S. Open, and it's even more of an honor to be the first one to win five.''

Unfortunately, the internet will not remember Pete Weber for his humble side.