Listen, don't get us wrong -- these are way better than if we tried to translate a movie into a language that doesn't even share an alphabet with us. But the thing is, we would never try to do that, because we know it would be terrible. At least these foreign bootleg versions of your favorite TV shows and movies sound entertaining.

In fact, we would probably even enjoy them more than the originals. *Especially* 'Pepe Loves Tacos,' because what the what is that even supposed to be?

'Pepe Likes Tacos'


Sincerely, what is this supposed to be? Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock? What movie were they even in together? Where can we watch it? We must know!



This is fairly accurate. We would NOT want to sit behind Blake in a movie theater.



When they pull a quote from a review, at least they aren't trying to mislead you.

'Breaking Bad'


How great would it be if we could somehow meld 'Malcolm in the Middle' and 'Breaking Bad'? These guys are definitely (accidentally) onto something.

'Star Wars'


What is this insanity? The credits at the bottom are for that Bruce Willis movie 'The Kid.' The tagline is from 'Jaws.' The pictures are from 'Star Wars.' The description appears to be a news story about a patent violation between cell phone companies. Oh, and there's something about Goya paintings. We would love to watch the movie this case is promising us, but it's probably really 'Veggie Tales.'



We don't know what this is, but those few pictures look very similar to something we had to watch on the Chinatown bus one time without any English subtitles. If you know what this movie is, let us know!

'50 Fist Dates'


No wonder Drew Barrymore looks so startled.

'Star Wars: Science Fiction Perform Distinctive'


We've always said the one thing 'Star Wars' is missing is Arnold Schwarzenegger from 'Predator' holding a machine gun. ALWAYS.

'Buffalo Soldiers'


This one almost nailed it. To bad they flubbed the pull quote. Or maybe they didn't want anybody to watch this movie because they hate Joaquin Phoenix. Either is equally probable.

'The Passion of Christ'


What?! A 3,000-minute-long video of Jesus speaking "Nigeria languages"? How did they fit it all onto one disc? Doesn't matter -- we know what we're doing for the next 50 hours.

'Matrix Reloaded'


It's been a while since we've seen this one. Is this, or isn't this, the actual plot of this movie?

'Die Hard' and 'Die Hard 2'


Well, if he has shoes in the second one, you can just FORGET IT.