What happens when you cross melodic '90s hip hop kings Bone Thugs-n-Harmony with adorable 21st century internet kings, pugs? Bone Pugs-n-Harmony, of course.

For their first effort, the canine foursome do their version of the Bone Thugs hit '1st Of Tha Month.' (And, yes, it sounds suspiciously like the original.)

Talk about "Pug Life." They may cute, but don't say they're not gangster. And don't say they don't honor their roots, as the pooches pay tribute to their fallen dog Eric Wright (aka Easy-E) in the video.

Now that they've conquered hip hop, is there anything pugs can't do? We're going to say no. Next up we imagine the furry fellows are going to cover the Bone Thugs classic 'Crossroads.'