What's worse than stealing candy from a child? Stealing a therapy dog from a blind girl. A dog napper in Hutchinson, KS, snatched pit bull Millie from its home and the pup went missing for two weeks. But as cruel as it sounds, the story has a happy ending.

As the family frantically searched for the dog with the assistance of the county sheriff and the media, the thief seemed to have had a change of heart after learning Millie was a precious pet to 5-year-old Andrea Taylor, who is legally blind and suffering from cerebral palsy. Then one morning, the family found Millie back on their front porch unscathed, albeit with a few scratches.

Taylor's mother was glad to see Millie back, as her daughter used to cry every day the dog went missing.

Watch the heartwarming local news report from KSN3 below.