Rich Moyer heard his dog howling from his yard, so he opened the door to let her inside. Then he got the shock of his life.

"[My dog] came in, right through the house. Right on her tail was the bear, right into the house," the Pennsylvania man explained.

The black bear immediately knocked Moyer to the ground, and Moyer began wrestling the beast. As he attempted to shove the bear back out the door, it grabbed hold of his wife, who had also joined the fray, and dragged her out onto the patio.

"After that I go outside to see what happened and I see the bear on top of her on the patio," Moyer said. "And I literally dove in to take that bear off of her, and in doing that then, that's when the bear tried to make a meal out of me, and started tearing my head apart."

It required 70 stitches and staples to close the gash on the back of Moyer's head, but eventually he was able to fend the bear off and it retreated back into the woods. His wife only suffered minor injuries.

"It was a nightmare," Moyer said. "I'm 6' 6", 300 pounds. The doctor said if I was average size, I'd probably be dead."

[via New York Daily News]