'The Big Bang Theory' is quick to point out that it is "filmed in front of a live studio audience." So those laughs are real, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

But sometimes the chuckles in the background do sound a bit too enthusiastic. Like maybe show creator Chuck Lorre is piping in some nitrous oxide that he stole from his old buddy Charlie Sheen's stash. Watch this video and see what we mean.

OK, that was pretty heavily edited by whoever put it on YouTube. But the "laugh track or no laugh track" debate is an interesting one. Even shows that claim a live audience are rumored to add (or subtract) laughter in post-production. Some have even suggested  sitcoms pay folks to sit in the studio audience and laugh.

But even if the laughter from the 'Big Bang Theory's' studio audience isn't totally genuine that doesn't mean it isn't a funny show. It's been ranked right around the top ten for the last three years in total audience, and just last week it beat ratings juggernaut 'American Idol' for the first time. So there are plenty of folks who do think Sheldon, Leonard and company are pretty lol funny. If only they could hear the jokes over the braying and hooting of the studio audience.

Is 'Big Bang Theory' better with or without a studio audience? Watch it without laughter below.