It's the eternal question: which came first, the dogs or the poker? We may never know, but we do know that C.M. Coolidge's famous paintings of canines engaging in a friendly game of cards are among the world's most enduring works of art. They are also some of the most parodied. Here's ten of our favorite variations on 'Dogs Playing Poker.'

  • 1

    Disney Robots Playing Poker

    In this clever photo, Pixar favorite Wall-E plays with two robots from the Disney classic 'The Black Hole' and Rex, the robot tour guide from the Disneyland ride 'Star Tours.' Could this be the original ending to 'Wall-E'? If so, it's far more anti-climatic than the tearjerker we saw in the theaters...

    evil_cheese_scientist, Flickr
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    Poker With Pals

    We can't decide if this is cute or crazy. At least she'll have some company when the apocalypse hit and we're all forced to live in trailers in the desert.

    thegreengirl, Flickr
  • 3

    Ducks Playing Poker

    Fun fact: ducks are much better at playing poker than dogs, because you can never quite read the expression on their bills.

    mouse209, Flickr
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    Dog Tired

    Does this have something to do with tainted Chinese dog food? Or is it some sort of thinly veiled political commentary? Either way, those are some tuckered-out pups. Awww!

    azrainman, Flickr
  • 5

    Real Dogs Playing Poker

    The dogs in this cute video are part of a dog saving network in Chicago. While they may lack the opposable thumbs necessary to properly double down, they are pretty adorable. (And were thankfully all adopted.)

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    How Much Is That Doggy In The Window (Playing Poker)?

    The dogs in this window display all appear to be stuffed toys. At least we hope they're toys and not deceased stuffed dogs arranged in a macabre scene.

    mikesmemphistours, Flickr
  • 7

    Wolverines Playing Poker

    Okay, so technically Wolverine from the 'X-Men' isn't a dog. But he does enjoy beer, cards and getting the scruff on his neck scratched. To quote his catchphrase, "He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is play poker."

  • 8

    Gods Playing Poker

    Get it? "Dog" spelled backwards? Also, Ganesh is clearly counting cards. And what do you want to bet Vishnu has an ace under the table?

    Dogs Playing Poker
  • 9

    The Last Dog Supper

    Uh, what does that bulldog think he's doing? Like you can sneak a card past Jesus.

    Drool In My Sleep
  • 10

    Snoopy Playing Poker

    Good thing Charlie Brown's not there. He's a real bad luck charm. Also, no Red Baron? This picture is garbage. Garbage, we tell you!

    Bryan Bird's Blog