The opening of the animated film classic 'Beauty and the Beast' has Belle leaving her home and venturing into the nearby village, where the town-folks interact with her in song.

In the live-action video 'Beauty and the Beat,' that town is a tad more urban than in the Disney version. Will Belle find her beast? Check out the clever parody below.

Did you spot viral video hero Antoine Dodson? He was in there. But the driving force behind the video is Todrick Hall. You may remember Hall from Season Nine of 'American Idol,' where he made the semi-final round. The talented performer was also in the Broadway show 'The Color Purple.'

After watching his latest effort, we're thinking Hall should try to bring a full-length version of 'Beauty and the Beat' to the Great White Way. You can watch the original 'Beauty and the Beast' scene which Hall is spoofing below.