Summertime can be a grilling affair. Yes, it's a dumb pun but you didn't think of it, did you?

A thick steak or juicy hamburger always tastes better when it's slowly cooked over an open flame, but grilling outdoors when you don't own your own massive barbecue can be quite a chore. The ones in the public park look like they haven't been cleaned since FDR's public works program. The portable ones are cheap and flimsy and couldn't hold a flame if they caught on fire.

The Darwin Triangular BBQ aims to not only deliver a more quality portable grill, but also make it more functional. This one can actually be transported as simply as carrying a small briefcase.

It folds up into a 30 centimeter tall case that can fit easily into any car for a trip to the park of the beach. It also comes with a carrying strap if you've got your hands full of other items. It also comes with a special corner shape metal grill and an ash tray for burning charcoal and to easily throw out and clean up the remains when the grilling is done. Both fit easily into the case so you don't have to carry multiple parts to and from the car.

In short, it's the perfect gift for Dad. Or anybody who likes fire.