It can't be easy for a superhero to battle crime and protect their secret identity at the same time. This video by CollegeHumor and Front Page Films, which is entitled "Batman Blows His Cover," imagines a hilarious scenario where the poor Caped Crusader is finally found out.

Turns out, most of Gotham has long suspected that Bruce Wayne is Batman. They've simply been keeping it a secret as a way to protect his fragile ego. Still, the masked crime fighter resorts to rapid costume changes and even a desperate act of ventriloquism as a way to convince Rachel Dawes and Jim Gordon otherwise. Needless to say, nothing works.

Put simply, this is the funniest example of a put-upon Batman since he took to the streets of Toronto. By the way, did anyone else notice that Batman has a mushmouth and seems to be wheezing like an asthmatic? Great Christian Bale impression, or is his cowl too tight?