We've pulled off some impressive examples of multitasking ourselves. (You should see us type and eat at the same time.) But this dad, who catches a foul ball during a game between the Giants and the Pirates while simultaneously holding his daughter, puts us to shame. Oh, and did we mention that he catches the ball one-handed? He must be some sort of super dad!

During a game at San Francisco's AT&T Park over the weekend, Pirate Alex Presley tips a foul ball into the stands. Video shows the dad calmly standing up and nimbly snagging the foul while still holding onto his daughter. What's even more impressive is that he doesn't bobble the ball or his child.

Surrounding fans are so amazed by his prowess that he gets a slap on the back and a congratulatory high five. We agree! This guy definitely gets our vote for Dad of the Year.