Many flair bartenders just throw a few bottles under their arms, catch them behind their back, light something on fire, and call it a day. Not Alexander Shtifanov, a contestant on 'Ukraine's Got Talent.' When he makes a drink with flair, he goes all out, incorporating all sorts of juggling tricks and stunts that leave the audience, and the judges, shocked.

Shtifanov has been a flair bartender for several years, but as you can see from the video, he's way more deft than you might think at first. He starts with some fairly basic flair bartending tricks, but rapidly starts incorporating master level balancing stunts, like catching one bottle on another bottle to pour, and professional club juggling tricks that can take years to master, including juggling four bottles at once and spinning one repeatedly with just his elbow. By the end of it, he's even incorporating cup-stacking stunts to pour his three drinks.

In other words, if he ever gets sick of being a bartender, he could easily find a job in the circus. On the other hand, if he's doing that in bars every night, he probably makes enough in tips to retire every week.