Earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon went to the White House and shot a segment for his late night show with Michelle Obama. The two must have really hit it off, because now Pres. Barack Obama will be sitting down with Jimmy on Tuesday.

The interview will take place at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where Fallon is taping a special show. The president will be the guest for the full hour. Check out a preview of what is sure to be a much-buzzed-about TV event.

Obama is no stranger to late night TV, having appeared on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' in March of 2009. However, that appearance was marred when he joked that his bowling score “was like the Special Olympics or something," a comparison which offended some advocates for the learning disabled.

Politically incorrect humor aside, poking fun at your missteps is usually a pretty good way for a politician to go when he tries to do comedy. In fact, self-deprecating humor is exactly what Obama's 2012 Presidential opponent Mitt Romney did late last year when he appeared on Letterman.

Will you be watching Obama on Fallon? Do you like it when politicians try to get loose on late-night talk shows?