We've all heard the story of the three bears who were surprised to find Goldilocks in their bed. But have you heard the one about a New Zealand woman who was surprised to find a baby seal in her kitchen?

Seems the little guy was tenacious as well -- to reach Annette Swoffer's home, he had to cross a busy street, wedge under a gate, journey up a long driveway, make his way through a cat door, and then climb a short flight of stairs. Whew!

Needless  say, it didn't take long for Annette to spot him:

I was in my office and I heard an awful racket down below... I thought the cats have brought a rabbit or something in so I went down and had a look - and there's a seal in my kitchen. I thought 'I'm hallucinating, this is just wrong.'"

But before long he'd made himself at home, cuddling up with her cats on the sofa. (After such a long trip, who could blame him for needing to take a load off?)

Swoffer called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which in turn contacted the Department of Conservation. Folks there were already looking for the pup, whom they'd dubbed "Lucky."

He's reportedly been released back into the ocean, where he's probably safer -- but a lot less comfortable.

Watch a video the Swoffer family took of their uninvited houseguest below, and check out some adorable photos of the wayward seal here.

[via NBC Washington]