While they might drop a little hint here or there, it's pretty hard to imagine exactly what a baby is going to be when he or she grows up. So in the photo series  'Un jour, mon enfant tu seras' -- which means "One Day You Will Be My Child" -- French photographer Malo imagines a baby taking all sorts of different career paths.

It certainly looks like Malo is going to be an open-minded dad, as some parents might scoff at the idea of their child being a surf bum.  And boxing certainly isn't a parent-friendly career.

Malo is also an optimistic dad, since we usually only get a new Pope once every 20 or so years. Furthermore, the chances of a kid from Paris becoming a Mexican wrestler also seem quite slim. Hmm, something tells us this series is meant to be more costume-driven than predictive. Check out all the cute photos below.

[via My Modern Met]