Baby elephants are probably among the most playful youngsters in the animal kingdom. Given their goofily large size, they are certainly among the most adorable when they let loose with the fun.

This guy is named Lucas, and he lives in the Toledo Zoo. The facility's new sand stall allows elephants of all ages to play, which they are known to do in the wild.

Remember how much fun the sandbox was when you were a toddler? Given Lucas' famous elephant memory, he certainly won't forget this good time.

And really, elephants have quite an advantage over humans when it comes to sand play. And, no, that's not just because they don't have a mom who will yell at them if they start rubbing their face in it. It's their snout, which gives them essentially an extra limb to manipulate the sand with. Imagine the kind of sand castle you could have built if you had a third arm.