Ever tried taking a photo of someone posing for you but then realized the camera was set to 'video mode'? It's the basis of a side-project video by Dean Fleischer-Camp, who created the adorable 'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On' short along with 'SNL' alum Jenny Slate. Fleischer-Camp recorded his friends over a period of time and captured the awkward pre-photograph moments where someone just holds still long enough to hear the camera click.

The video proves how awkward we all must look when our smiles or poses last longer than a single frame. The best bits are when Slate figures out he's recording video instead of taking a photograph. Again and again and again. We agree with Slate -- the guy's got a bit of a problem. A hilarious one, though.

Also look closely for a cameo from a major movie star. Hint: his name rhymes with Mack Salifanakis.