Something awesome happened on Irish television recently. On a late night talk show, the camera cuts from guest Marcia Cross over to a brief glimpse of the live audience. Just then, one of the audience members points to the camera and then turns his head to smile -- as if he knew the camera was on him!

The incident happened on Brendan O'Connor's 'The Saturday Night Show' on RTÉ One (the most watched television channel in Ireland). Needless to say, an eagle-eyed viewer managed to record that moment and knew its potential for internet glory. He uploaded the clip to YouTube and it ended up of Reddit. The rest, as they say, is meme history.

Watch the original clip below.

After going viral, the man now known as the "Awesome Audience Guy" has spawned remix videos, meme quotes and, of course, animated gifs. Check out some of the creations below of the "audience legend" whom we yet nothing of, other than being awesome enough to predict when the camera cuts to him.

James "Audience" Bond

Magnum P.I. intro