The ability to walk upright is one of many things that set humans apart in the animal kingdom, but when it comes to evolution perhaps our four-legged friends aren't as far behind us as we may have thought. The evidence supporting this claim can be found amongst the oodles of pet videos featuring animals walking around on two paws. To save you the trouble, we've scoured the web for 10 of the funniest and most heartwarming bipedal pets on the internet, so you don't have to. You're welcome!

  • 1

    Dog Wearing Pants Walks Down Stairs

    Pets may not enjoy being dressed up as much as we like to see them that way, but this goofy dog does a silly handstand walk down the stairs when he's wearing his festive Santa pants. For that reason, we're okay with this little pup being a bit fashionable.

  • 2

    Acrobatic Dog Performs Amazing Balancing Act

    Standing up on your own two paws is an impressive enough feat for most dogs, but this talented pooch takes bipedal balancing to the next level! This amazing dog should take this tightrope act to a traveling circus.

  • 3

    Awesome Dog Does Handstand While Marking His Territory

    Some dogs lift one leg to mark their territory. This showboating little dog named Oscar, has decided to raise the bar along with his other hind leg, doing a hilarious doggy handstand while relieving himself.

  • 4

    Two-Legged Pooch Walks Upright Like A Person

    Some animals walk on their hind legs because it is fun. This dog does it out of necessity because the poor thing is missing her front legs. That doesn't make her any less loveable. Instead it makes her quite talented and completely adorable.

  • 5

    Cobra Cat Has A Unique Fighting Style

    While squaring off paw-to-paw against a slightly larger cat from a rival alley, this crafty kitty utilizes an ancient fighting style thought to be lost to the ages: the Way of the Cobra.

  • 6

    Next Level Cat Stands Upright... For Justice

    A lot of people use the term "next level" in cases where 'mediocre at best' would've sufficed. But "next level" is the only way to describe this video. In this clip, Next Level Cat looks like a legendary superhero protecting and watching over us from the top of the couch. It may also help that this video is set to the opening theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey.'

  • 7

    Talented Circus Pups In A Doggy Conga Line

    How many Scooby snacks do you think it took to get these adorable little pups to perform this doggy conga line? Our guess it, a lot of them.

  • 8

    Lola The Kitten Adapts To Her Deformity

    Lola was born with a deformity in her hind legs making them completely useless, but with a little coaxing from a caring and dedicated veterinarian, she learned how to walk on her front paws, ultimately saving her from euthanasia.

  • 9

    Faith, The Bipedal Wonder Dog

    Faith was found as a puppy with badly damaged front paws. They were so damaged that the only option left to her veterinarian was to amputate them. Many other vets thought that she would have to be put down. But with a little training and a strong will to live, Faith managed to learn to walk upright like a person. Incredibly, Faith got to be so proficient at walking this way that it almost looks completely natural for her.

  • 10

    Hilarious Cat Has Moves Like MJ

    We're not sure what compelled this cat to walk like this. We're actually not even sure how it is physically possible, but set to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' this video is absolutely hilarious!