Cats, as we all know, let nothing stand in their way when they want something. Especially not gravity, as we showed you with Spider-Cat, who climbed a wall to get at a laser dot. Well, meet his equally talented brother from another mother, Piggy, who climbs down refrigerators.

There are two very funny moments in this video you'll probably miss the first time: the cat stopping about halfway through like the showoff that he is, and another kitty, on the other side of the fridge, looking over with a look that says "Dude...whoa!"

Still, this leaves us profoundly concerned about cats and their wall climbing technology. Soon they'll be able to open doors, and then we'll have swarms of cats attacking pet food stores, climbing over our defenses to get at our tuna. Our only solution is to build dummy walls full of catnip and treats.

Or we guess we could just grease the walls. Hey, that'd be a funny video!