All your favorite female celebrates from the '90s have grown up, had kids and are now exposing controversial parenting tips.

Earlier this year we all gagged a little when Alicia Silverstone released a video in which she was prechewing food for her infant son Bear. And now we have Alanis Morissette telling 'Good Morning America' that she is prepared to breastfeed her 17-month old son Ever until he is six. As she once sang in 'You Oughta Know,' we're sure she makes a really excellent mother.

'Attachment parenting,' which includes breastfeeding a child until an older than usual age, has become a hot topic thanks to a provocative Time Magazine cover photo of Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her very large 4-year old boy. While Morissette told GMA that she "wouldn't have done the photo shoot myself," she also said that she is planning to suckle Ever until he makes the decision he no longer wants his mother's milk.

Morrissette, who is married to rapper Mario "MC Souleye" Treadway, barely left the house during the first six months of Ever's life and continues to try to spend every moment possible with her son. She also claims the longest Ever has ever cried for is six minutes.

Learn more about Morissettee (who's working on a new album) in the video below. Trust us, if there had been anything ironic about this story we'd have pointed it out.