On Sunday, Hollywood will once again congratulate itself on a year of jobs well done. What's unbelievably ridiculous about the Academy Awards is that in a sea of incredibly talented performances, the award can go to only one person. It just seems wrong.

It has always seemed wrong. The 84 year history of the Academy Awards has left in its wake a long list of actors and other talented moviemakers who have been rightfully nominated several times, but who have never gone home with the golden guy.

We think this is unfair, so we are taking a moment from the chatter about the films of 2011 to recognize some talented people who’ve been robbed by Oscar.

Johnny Depp – 3 Nominations

Johnny Depp has been nominated 3 times. We can understand him not walking away with the prize for his performance as Captain Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Carribbean.’ He was great, but there were bigger things happening that year. We do, however, find fault with the Academy for letting him leave empty-handed after 2004’s very underrated ‘Finding Neverland.’

Annette Bening – 3 Nominations

The lovely and talented Ms. Bening has lost Oscars to Hilary Swank twice. Her amazing performance in 1999’s ‘American Beauty’ was trumped by Swank’s portrayal of a transgender teen in ‘Boys Don’t Cry.’ But the loss we don’t find all right was her snubbing last year for her brilliant anchoring of ‘The Kids Are All Right.’

Glenn Close – 5 Nominations

No Oscar snub has ever been as snubby as Glenn Close losing the Academy Award for her chilling performance in 1987’s ‘Fatal Attraction’ to Cher in ‘Moonstruck.’ She’s nominated again this year for her gender-bending turn in ‘Albert Nobbs.’ The Academy loves gender benders and actresses not being pretty. Will her snubbing be avenged?

Ed Harris – 4 Nominations (clip NSFW)

Ed Harris has a chameleon-like ability to show up unrecognizably in almost any movie. But even though he can play many different types, he always brings the same gift for getting right to the heart of a character and taking the audience along for the ride. He should've won for his supporting role in ‘The Truman Show,’ but his most tragic loss was being passed over for his portrayal of the demon-riddled artist for whom the movie ‘Pollack’ was named.

Richard Burton – 7 Nominations

Great actors getting dissed at the Oscars is not a new thing. Prolific talent and serial husband Richard Burton actually had two more nominations than marriages and still never won. Sadly, it was an onscreen stint as a husband that was the most shamefully overlooked - his performance opposite onetime wife Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’

Deborah Kerr – 6 Nominations

Truly the Oscar for most snubbed by the Academy has to go to classic movie darling Deborah Kerr. Ms. Kerr was nominated for Best Actress a record six times without ever being awarded a statue. She had to have felt the chill when her film ‘From Here to Eternity’ won 13 of its 18 nominations and her performance was not one of them.

Leonardo DiCaprio – 3 Nominations

Leo is as close to cinema royalty as anyone can get in Hollywood without getting one of the little gold guys. He’s a fave of Scorsese (who isn’t exactly an Academy pet either), and we’ve been watching him dig deep and put it all out there on the big and small screen since he was a kid. Not only has the Academy not even nominated him for some great performances, but his loss for his portrayal of Howard Hughes in 2004’s ‘The Aviator’ had to have stung.

Sigourney Weaver – 3 Nominations

We find it impossible that a movie and pop icon like Sigourney Weaver could have managed to escape ever getting home with an Oscar in her hand. Although we understand action flicks aren’t the Academy’s style, her performance in ‘Aliens’ alone should've been enough to get her there. What we don’t understand is why she had to remain in her seat after her stint as Dian Fossey in ‘Gorillas in the Mist.’

Julianne Moore – 4 Nominations

One of the great shape-shifting, stereotype-busting actresses of our time, the fact that Julianne Moore has never left the Kodak with an Oscar leaves us in shock. It’s not like the Academy hasn’t had a chance to award her. In 2003 she put out two nomination-worthy performances - Best Actress for ‘Far From Heaven’ and Supporting for ‘The Hours' - and still went home alone.

Alfred Hitchcock – 5 Nominations

We let one director sneak onto the list of actors because this Academy snubbing seems to be the most unbelievable and audacious of them all. That the genius behind classic, yet still chilling suspense thrillers like ‘Psycho,’ ‘Rear Window,’ ‘Vertigo,’ ‘Spellbound’ and ‘The Birds’ could spend his life without a statue to decorate his mantle is unthinkable to us. (Ok, they gave him an honorary one, be we still think it’s wrong).