Paper airplanes are such a marvel of innovation and engineering. Somehow a simple sheet of paper, when folded correctly, can accomplish something that has taken mankind more than a few centuries to achieve: annoy authority figures. Now, mankind may have found a way to make this ancient art of aviation work for man in ways other than having something to do behind the teacher's back.

The Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona constructed an 800-pound, 45-foot long paper airplane and dropped in the sky over the vast Arizona desert for its inaugural flight. This wasn't just something they could pick up and throw themselves; they had to get a helicopter to carry into the skies and release it for its first flight. They attached a camera to the top of it so YouTube could take some viewers along for the ride.

They built the massive plane after holding a paper airplane "Fly Off" for aspiring aerospace engineers and their unique paper airplane designs. The contest inspired the museum to build a paper airplane of their own on a much grander design.

Now all they need to do is build a 200 foot teacher with its back turned away from it, and mankind will have completed its greatest accomplishment in aviation.

[via Huffpo Weird News]