Mike O'Brien is getting a lot of action lately. His web series, '7 Minutes in Heaven' features the SNL writer doing interviews with celebs in his closet, where he plies them to spill gossip and perform sketches with a drink and a little romance. Maybe it's the close quarters or the free-flowing wine, but O'Brien's guests are way more open (and giggly) than you'll see them on TV talk shows. And, if the name didn't tip you off, O'Brien ends each episode by going in for an awkward smooch.

Watch the series below, and get the scoop on who did what in the closet:

  • Hoda Kotb

    Drink of choice: Red Wine
    Highlight: Forgets she was married to a pro tennis player
    Kiss: Prolonged peck on the lips

  • Amy Poehler

    Drink of choice: Martini
    Highlight: Models new trend 'the shoulder hat'
    Kiss: Resists, then gargles away

  • Patricia Clarkson

    Drink of choice: White wine
    Highlight: Line read performed "like a suburban mom in the '80s"
    Kiss: Passionate smooch that marks O'Brien with her "Cherries in the Snow" lipstick

  • Andy Cohen

    Drink of choice: None
    Highlight: Explains that he loves redheads because they're "underdogs"
    Kiss: Forced peck on the ear

  • Kristen Wiig

    Drink of choice: None
    Highlight: Wiig's angry face during an improvised sketch
    Kiss: Goes for cheek, winds up kissing Wiig's hair

  • Elijah Woods

    Drink of choice: Beer
    Highlight: Discusses how his eyes "rule"
    Kiss: Peck on the cheek