"Lost" posters are usually pretty sad, because an adorable little puppy ran away or a kitten went missing. Ughh, it's awful. But the good news is we're not talking about that sort of stuff. In fact, we've scoped out lost notices that are really clever and don't make us think about a child crying somewhere because his parakeet, Corporal Jenkins, has gone missing.

While these posts are all jokes, you've gotta give it to the makers. Like, if your Nutella went missing, wouldn't you want it back asap?? Duh. Here are some clever lost posters that will make you chuckle:

britishchiver, web.stagram.com
charliedubec, web.stagram.com
emzillaeats, web.stagram.com
official_lost, web.stagram.com
roz_nowski, web.stagram.com
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