This sideshow we call the internet is literally teeming with funny animal videos. But nothing (except for maybe corgis) makes us giggle like footage of animals riding other animals. Please don't judge. We've got simple tastes.

Watch as a monkey rides a monitor lizard, a daring mouse hitches a ride on an alligator, and, in arguably the best of the bunch, a rat rides a cat riding a dog. Mind blown yet?

Parakeet Rides on the Back of Tiny Turtle

Enthusiastic Corgi Rides a Horse

Chicken Hitches a Ride on Turtle

Gary the Cowkitty Rides a Horse

Baby Goat Climbs Aboard a Tortoise

Brave Mouse Rides an Alligator

Baby Squirrel Rides a Dog

Monkey Rides a Monitor Lizard

Bored-Looking Dog Rides Turtle

Rat Rides a Cat Riding a Dog